Not-So-Massive Action Game 2


Madcap action in two dimensions


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Not-So-Massive Action Game 2 is a two-dimensional action game where you control a small soldier who needs to withstand the incessant attack of waves upon waves of enemy soldiers armed to the teeth. They'll enter the screen on foot, in vehicles, and even parachuting from above.

Luckily, you have plenty of weapons to help you get the job done. By default, you can use a pistol and a grappling hook, which is helpful for stopping enemies or hooking yourself onto a vehicle. As you kill more and more enemies, you can pick up new weapons, including shotguns, machine guns, missile launchers, grenades, and molotov cocktails.

In survival mode you have to, well, survive wave after wave of enemies. You can play single-player or cooperative mode using the same computer.

Not-So-Massive Action Game 2 is a really fun game that brings frenetic action to any player who wants to set off hundreds of explosions and shoot nonstop for ten minute or more.
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